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After our time in Belgium was up, it was onto our next adventure; and sadly the last stop on our trip, Amsterdam, Netherlands! Now if you also come from a family that has Dutch descent, you’ll understand the excitement I had upon arrival; Dutch licorice, cheese, bicycles, tulips… all those thing aren’t just stereotypes, they’re Read More

If the food is good, the visit is good

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been… I’m home now, sadly (bittersweet more or less I guess). BUT that doesn’t mean the blog about Belgium or Netherlands gets left behind! That’s right; I’m still behind on these blogs, but that’ll change by today or tomorrow. Getting back to reality has been hard, especially with this jet Read More


It’s been a busy last week of traveling, so much so that writing anything was out of the question; checking social media was hard enough after a day of walking around. But here I am with two flights and a layover with nothing to do but write (since for some reason public wifi hates me Read More

The Alps!

Wow am I ever behind on these blog postings, I have 3 visits still to write about (traveling gets busy – and it’s tiring). I planned on writing on the trains but if you know me at all, you’ll know that once I’m in a moving vehicle it’s lights out and I’m asleep the whole Read More

Milano with my Man-o

Milan was jaw-dropping gorgeous, from the train station to the cathedral. If I made it seem like Iceland, Nice or other parts of Italy were beautiful; multiply that by 6… at least. I don’t have much to say about Milan since it was just a stop over before Switzerland; but those 18 hours were full Read More

September 1-3

Transportation is so advanced here it is unbelievable, each station has an abundance of trains going all over; getting you exactly where you need to go (on time), and usually multiple times a day depending where (and it’s cheap; so that’s like an extra bonus and a half). Not only do they have regular trains Read More

The View was ‘Nice’

Don’t expect the weather to be the same in any two places here over in Europe… actually don’t expect the weather to be the same in the SAME place over here. We’ve gone through almost every season within 5 days (Thank god I over packed). Getting off the plane from Amsterdam to Nice was a Read More

First Destination

Even before we had started this trip, I knew it was going to have a busy start (mainly because we had 3 flights within 3 days.. and if you stick to one time zone, it was really 3 flights within a day and a half). BUT yesterday (or today; I really don’t know anymore – Read More

It’s Time

It was a bright and early wake up call for James and I this morning as we got up and ready for our adventure to the airport for Europe! (Without any Coffee might I add) As per any crazy morning we also went without breakfast – too busy doing last minute bag stuffing. We planned Read More

This past summer

Fireworks perfectly describe this past summer for me; exciting, eye-opening, celebratory, loud, sparkling, intense and fun. I could come up with a million other adjectives but those seven can describe it for now. I spent my summer away in Montreal, Quebec learning french (un petit peu), and in Los Angeles, California visiting friends and soaking Read More