After our time in Belgium was up, it was onto our next adventure; and sadly the last stop on our trip, Amsterdam, Netherlands! Now if you also come from a family that has Dutch descent, you’ll understand the excitement I had upon arrival; Dutch licorice, cheese, bicycles, tulips… all those thing aren’t just stereotypes, they’re all there and ready to be enjoyed. The weather was pretty typical during the few days we had, although the sun shone through and it warmed up nicely during the afternoons. Our first night was spent canal side enjoying fish and beer for dinner while planning our next two days.

The Dutch don’t joke about their cycling; and if you’re walking anywhere, make sure you look both ways for bicycles rather than cars. The way the streets are designed (and the amount of people in Amsterdam) cycling is the most efficient way to get around – although I do NOT suggest using cycling as a type of transportation to get from one city to the next (take the metro, its faster and gives you more time downtown rather than chasing your fast biking boyfriend for two hours down a bike path that’s actually a road… still not over that one, thanks James).

We walked around quite a bit, up and down each canal; visiting each store and monument we passed. The first afternoon we had scheduled a boat tour, which I highly suggest (for any city that has a huge body of water running through it really), the company we decided to go with was ‘Those Dam Boat Guys’ and not a single regret with our choice; Cameron was our guide and full of a good time. It’s a smaller boat, and you’re allowed to bring your own choice of alcoholic beverage and a snack (Stroopwaffles were our choice, obviously). Seeing everything from the water is always nice as it gives a different perspective, especially when you have a guide explaining things you never would have known otherwise.

We ventured around the Tulip Museum, Cheese Museum and the Rijksmuseum; taking in the scents of the flowers, flavours of the cheese, and history of the art. We went by the Anne Frank museum, but didn’t go into it; maybe next time (I got a picture outside of it; and it was jaw-dropping the amount of people that were taking pictures with the museum – not the actual house not knowing from the outside where it was). We enjoyed Stroopwaffle cookies, Dutch apple pie and French Fries with mayonnaise; I enjoyed Dutch licorice while James enjoyed more cookies.

The interesting part about Amsterdam is all the weird rules they have – or, don’t have should I say. Their coffee shops don’t actually sell coffee (If you’re looking for a latte, go to a café), and if you turn certain corners you’ll walk right into the red light district. They even have places where you can go get your drugs checked to make sure they’re clean before using. If you’re checking out gardens you might see a section in some peoples, of marijuana causally growing (but highly protected with barb wire).

It was an enjoyable three-day visit in Amsterdam before having to get back on a plane to come home, defiantly not long enough but worth leaving it for last and I cannot wait to go back with family one day like we’ve been thinking of doing.

That’s the end of my European trip (this year anyways) and I cannot wait until the next time I travel, but until then I’m going to have to work to be able to pay for another trip unless someone greatly wants to sponsor me to go and stay somewhere (which I would not complain about at all).

So for now, I’m done with the travel part of my blog unless I can think of something else that needs to be said; the next blogs will be all about food…

Thanks for following our trip!

Caitlyn + James


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