It’s been a busy last week of traveling, so much so that writing anything was out of the question; checking social media was hard enough after a day of walking around. But here I am with two flights and a layover with nothing to do but write (since for some reason public wifi hates me everywhere and I’m not connected while james is).

Our stop after Switzerland was Paris, the most romanticized city in the whole world. Everyone I had talked to before arriving said it was kind of a dirty city and nothing like the movies; so my expectations weren’t overly high. WERE THEY WRONG OR WHAT (which now I’m mad about because we scheduled our trip for Paris to be a shorter stop). EVERYTHING about Paris was exactly how I have imagined it since I was young; I’d even say it’s pretty spot on to the movies. We ventured around the most touristy spots, and some not-so touristy spots; neither did I find gross or dingy.

We arrived in the evening on the 6th of September; and our first stop after check-in was to a boulangère to grab a quick bite. Our Paris story really started the next morning though, and we made the most of the day that we had.

Our day started with the Effilé Tower, and 35,000 steps later ended with a lit up Effile Tower. It was a lot of walking; but for once on the trip it didn’t feel like it. We went everywhere and anywhere; we hit every touristy thing and then some. Seeking the best views of the city, top food spots and picturesque opportunities. Every corner you turn; there’s something to see… everything is gorgeous and picture worthy.

We visited the Effilé Tower, the Louvre (just the outside), the Arch De Triomphe, Notre Dame, and so much more; to view them all at once we went to Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann for a rooftop picture. We stopped by Pierre Herme for some macaroons (james’ first ever!) and to Le Deux Magots for an early dinner, and made our way to bateaux mouches for a sunset river cruise.

I’ve lied if I have said that any other place on our travels have been my favourite; Paris is by far without competition. I’d go back in a heart beat (debating switching my flight home to a flight back there). The day was perfect, the weather was typical and I bought a cashmere scarf that I haven’t taken off since and probably never will.

For now, au revoir

from me and my scarf (and James…)
Next blog: Belgium!

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