The Alps!

Wow am I ever behind on these blog postings, I have 3 visits still to write about (traveling gets busy – and it’s tiring). I planned on writing on the trains but if you know me at all, you’ll know that once I’m in a moving vehicle it’s lights out and I’m asleep the whole ride.

After our stop in Milan, it was to Interlaken, Switzerland! Right in the centre of the alps; and let me tell you, they’re even prettier in person. Switzerland was our first hostel stay, every other place we’ve stayed at so far in the journey has been an air b’n’b. We met a bunch of cool people from all over the world (America, UK, Taiwan, Australia, Tokyo) since we stayed in a 10 bedroom option. Interlaken was also our longest stay so far in the journey around Europe (and most expensive – if you’re planning a trip to Switzerland; save all your non-existant pennies.. you’ll need them for that 20 CHF burger).

Switzerland was full of outdoor activities; the first day we were there we decided to relish in traditional Swiss food and walk around the town until our feet felt like falling off. The hostel had a hammock area so we spent most of the evening chilling there planning our next day and enjoying a cold locally brewed beer (suggested by the bartender himself).

After our insane googling and price checking the night before, we chose a destination to go to; Kandersteg/ lako Oeschinensee (which doesn’t sound anything like how they are spelled when a local says the names). From the photos and the web reviews it looked gorgeous and a good day trip to make, so we woke up early and headed to the train station. It was a hike to get to a beautiful teal lake; there was a gondola to get you half way – but of course James wanted to walk it.

An hour and a half later, and an exhausted caitlyn, (uphill walking and my lungs don’t agree) we were at the lake; it was exactly like the pictures; surrounded by mountains and a perfect aqua coloured lake. There was families having picnics, children swimming, friends fishing; it was a really nice hidden gem within the alps. When we had headed up originally, the lady at the information booth of Kandersteg told us to take the #2 path (which we thought we were on the whole time until we got to the water) but we actually took #4 up; THANK. GOD. Number 2 was known to be difficult, and if #4 was hard at parts I didn’t want to imagine one that was suppose to be hard… so of course to find out what it was really like we took it back, james insisted (I complained).

Two blistered heels later and we were down the hike, ready to get back on the train to Interlaken; where we would spend our last night in Switzerland before heading to Paris, France to enjoy the city of Love (which I will write about and have up within at least a day or two – depending!!).

Good night; after all it is 12:55 here in Belgium, where we just ate more than our body weight after already having a pre snack and dessert in Antwerp just before. James and I are ready for another good nights sleep (he’s already passed out, so now it’s my turn).

Bonne nuit.

P.s. We stopped in Geneva, Switzerland between trains to Paris and actually did have a 21 CHF burger.

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