September 1-3

Transportation is so advanced here it is unbelievable, each station has an abundance of trains going all over; getting you exactly where you need to go (on time), and usually multiple times a day depending where (and it’s cheap; so that’s like an extra bonus and a half). Not only do they have regular trains but they also have high speed trains to get you places 2x faster (300km/hr!!! – we’ll be taking one later in this trip). I wish traveling in Canada was this easy.

Our most recent stop has been Italy! The home of pizza, pasta, soufflets, carpaccio… the list goes on forever. You’ve guessed it; most of our time has been spent eating and half that was just in one sitting (my favourite way to spend time though to be honest). Italy was our whole reason for coming on this trip, thank you Ana and Mitesh for getting married in one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen.

The first stop in Italy was Saluzzo; a town in the northern part of Italy where very little people spoke English (and again I say; French did not help us at all – the tiny bits of Spanish from my trip to Colombia came in handy though). James and I managed to order dinner at a restaurant and gelato at a store; pointing and over exaggerated hand gestures really came in handy (also the over use of the only 2 words we knew – gratz and ciao).

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The Saturday night was the wedding, a beautiful combination of Italian traditions and Indian traditions (Mitesh is Indian). The night was full of love, laughter, food, wine and dancing (heavy on the food and heavy on the dancing… extra heavy on the wine). It was a gorgeous ceremony where the brides sister sang as Ana walked down the isle and the father of the groom learned a bit of English AND Italian to make a toast to the newly weds (A man who had never even left India before this wedding). There was an eight course dinner and enough appetizers to fill you before that, we ended the night early (2:30) since we had a 10:30 train to catch the next morning to Milan (which we obviously missed due to our alarms not being set before the wine drinking started).

I don’t know if this post is very long, or if I’m just overly tired of reading it over and over again; so for now I’m going to end it and write a separate one for Milan tomorrow; (since I have a mass amount of photos I can attach to that post). After Milan is Switzerland, where I’m currently laying in a hostel listing to Brits and Aussies accents echo the room.

It’s 11:38 here, and we have another early train tomorrow… write soon

Caitlyn + James (he’s awake and wants to make sure you guys know he says good night unlike the other night)

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