The View was ‘Nice’

Don’t expect the weather to be the same in any two places here over in Europe… actually don’t expect the weather to be the same in the SAME place over here. We’ve gone through almost every season within 5 days (Thank god I over packed). Getting off the plane from Amsterdam to Nice was a bit of a surprise when wearing pants and a jean jacket; the heat was extreme. But of course having no where to change; James and I rocked our black pants down the streets of Nice and onward to Cannes and got weird stares as we headed to the beach fully clothed (some people were even snapping some pics). We eventually made up for the heat with some ‘Gelato’ at a corner stand on the beach – clearly we couldn’t wait until Italy the next day.

After a long, tiring, HOT and breathtaking day in Cannes and Nice, we headed to our Air B&B which had the most beautiful view of Nice; it was one hell of a walk though (all uphill might I add- and James got us lost once so it was uphill, downhill and Uphill again). Once we were settled in and changed – because we were SWEATY – we headed back down the mountain to find ourselves some food and ended up at a local grocery store to bring back dinner to eat on the terrace with a gorgeous view (we also purchased a bottle of wine for 3 euros which was pretty cool if you ask me).

We didn’t stay in Nice overly long; maybe 30 hours… but it felt like a long time considering the fast location changes we had previously the days before. The morning before we headed to Italy was dedicated to walking around the town (ya that’s right we’re hitting our 10,000 step goal and exceeding it each day) and seeing what we had missed the night before. We ran into a fish market and a vegetable market that I of course dragged James through until we were both wheezy from the smell of raw fish. I found out the hard way I don’t like rock beaches and James found out the hard way that salt water stains everything (the waves are a lot bigger on the coast of France than at Port Stanley or Grand Bend).

As many have said before; Nice is nice (I love puns) and I would go back in a heart beat – mainly because I can get around with the little Canadian French that I know and the beaches defiantly top South Western Ontario beaches… except maybe the sand part. We’ve now been in Italy for just over 2 days and are some how surviving the language barrier (Italian is nothing like French and No one speaks English – no one). But Italy is a different story.

Bon nuit, Caitlyn + James (he slept the whole time I wrote this though so I don’t know if he really says good night to you guys or not)

(ps. I had to rewrite this like 3 times; I kept closing the app on my phone so sorry if it seems rushed at all!)

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