First Destination

Even before we had started this trip, I knew it was going to have a busy start (mainly because we had 3 flights within 3 days.. and if you stick to one time zone, it was really 3 flights within a day and a half). BUT yesterday (or today; I really don’t know anymore – time zones are confusing) we made it to Iceland; the start of our trip! Even though it was just a layover, we still had 17 hours to explore (and get lost), so we did.

 Our adventure started at about midnight (8:00 home time) after we landed and got through customs. Once we picked up the rental car at the airport, we ventured off about an hour or so down the road to Reykjavik; the main tourist destination in Iceland. Let me tell you; there is not a lot open at 2am in Iceland except for a large number of subways… so for our first Icelandic meal we devoured (and I don’t use that word lightly) subs.

It was dawning on 3am; and we needed a nap to keep us going for the other 14 hours we had in Iceland. Luckily enough we got a Ford Escape (Kugo) instead of the Mazda 3 we paid for; so it was spacious enough for a rest (Even though I’m fine falling asleep standing up, it was still nice to have something more comfortable than the airport floor). The coolest part about freezing our butts off in a car overnight on a random road in a country we aren’t familiar with is that we got to see the northern lights! It was a fairly cloudy night and not the season or the ideal lighting to see them; but we did! Small amounts of green rays snuck though the clouds and disappeared just as fast as they had come. I wish it had been brighter to have gotten a picture but the memory of the lights is just as treasurable.

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The sun made an appearance at a very early 5:15am; so James and I headed to the harbour to watch the rest of the sunrise and wait for something to open. Thank. God. For. Bakeries. Bless the crazy people that wake up at 4am to put fresh croissants and cinnamon rolls out for 6:00 (I literally do that at my work what am I saying – it’s just nicer when someone else does it). We stumbled upon a cute cafe/bakery called “eldhus”, where we ordered tea and again devoured our breakfast. (Fresh croissant with ham and cheese…MMM.) We probably overstayed our welcome there; but we were avoiding the cold air (it’s called Iceland for a reason). Once it warmed up a little we ventured on to explore the city on foot.

4:15 was our flight time; so we had to be back at the airport by 1 at the latest (Damn international flights and the 3 hour suggested wait time). That gave us until 11 to shop around and stare at giant churches. Our last stop in Reykjavik before heading to Keflavik to the airport was to get a hotdog! (I know – these names are over-the-top tongue twisters.) Hotdogs are apparently one of the more popular foods in Iceland and they’re well known for it. So we got hotdogs and they were defiantly better than the who-knows-whats-in-these American hotdogs we consume back home (Iceland hotdogs are made primarily of lamb).

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Since our hotdogs; we made it for our flight to Amsterdam, watched the last episode of Game of Thrones on the plane (wow – can’t believe that cliff hanger?!?) and found an air b&b solely just to shower and nap before our flight to Nice, France (Amsterdam was great for the 7 hours we were there – we’ll be back). So that’s where we are as of right now – 7:42 on Thursday August 31 (1:42 back home) we’re in the sky somewhere headed to Nice where we’ll be staying for more than a few hours or just half a day! (I cannot wait to not have to sit in an airport).

Tonight will be a night to catch up on some sleep, and be refreshed for our next destination – apparently we need it; we have been described as zombies by the New Yorker that sat beside us on the way to Amsterdam. So next time; I hope my post is a little less Zombie like, and a little more me like.

Thanks for reading our Icelandic adventure;

Zombie Caitlyn and Zombie James

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