It’s Time

It was a bright and early wake up call for James and I this morning as we got up and ready for our adventure to the airport for

Europe! (Without any Coffee might I add) As per any crazy morning we also went without breakfast – too busy doing last minute bag stuffing. We planned to leave at “8:00 SHARP” according to James’ dad, and surprisingly we were all out the door and in the truck by 8:15 (James takes a while to get ready – defiantly wasn’t me waiting for my shirts in the dryer)

Getting to the airport was pretty quick despite the usual Toronto area traffic and getting through airport security was even quicker (weird right). So of course the first thing James and I thought of doing was getting food – he wanted lunch, I wanted breakfast… we settled on burgers and fries (the fancy smash fries.. not the regular fries.. I looooove rosemary)

Here we are; its 12:20 and we’re sitting in our terminal waiting for the call to board the plane at 1:00; I’m writing this and James is reading a book on his phone (then it’s off to Reykjavik, Iceland for a layover before landing in Amsterdam to catch another fight to Nice!).

I would let you know exactly what we’re planning and where we are headed but I feel like that wouldn’t make these postings as exciting; so you’ll have to keep checking back!

Talk to you later!

Caitlyn (and James)

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