Come travel and cook with me


Hey I’m Cait(lyn) and this is my little website I’ve slowly created over the last couple of months. It still has some fixing up to do; but just like a recipe, it’s a work in progress until perfection.

As this is the about page, I’m guessing you’re as nosey as I am and want to know about other strangers on the internet. Its ok – I don’t judge. I’m a 20-something year old culinary graduate that is just trying out food blogging as a hobby, along with occasionally writing about the travels I seem to be going on more often than not.

I’ve been passionate about cooking for as long as I can remember. The first memory I have of wanting to be in the kitchen is at 6 years old insisting I could help by peeling potatoes – surprisingly my passion for cooking didn’t end that night when I peeled my thumb all the way down to my wrist. Since the fatal potato peeling incident, I’ve taught myself many different recipes – from sweet to savory, got a job in an industrial kitchen at the age of 16 and completed culinary school at 20.

A few little facts about me to complete this ‘about’ page are:

  • I love iced coffee, and my favourite tea is peppermint
  • I like cooking over baking but I bake to relax
  • Chips are my guilty pleasure. My favourite chip flavour is All Dressed and I get personally offended when that isn’t a flavour option at the nearest variety store (Also it’s the only flavour that’s never on sale – what’s that all about?)
  • I like cats equally to dogs, sometimes more – I have a little Yorkie named Chubbs (he’s not really that little, he’s owned up to his name over the 10 years) and a cat named Ginger (you guessed it, she’s orange)
  • I horseback ride and at local shows I’ll compete in Western Pleasure and Horsemanship, but I do not own my own horse… yet.
  • I have the longest travel bucket list – Austria, South Africa and South America are the recent destinations I crave to go to, but there are so many other places I must see in this lifetime
  • Each year my New Years Resolution is to be a better me; and I think that’s the only resolution that matters because it helps you grow without the negative pressure of not accomplishing a New Years resolution that you set and forgot about.
  • I have a strong interest in design and photography, i think in my past life i was an interior designer

Thank you for visiting, and also reading about my life, as uninteresting as it is, I appreciate it. I’d be greatful if you followed along with my travels and culinary adventures, but if you don’t, its whatever – live the life that you want to live.

Thank you again for the support.