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If the food is good, the visit is good

If the food is good, the visit is good

1You’re probably wondering where I’ve been… I’m home now, sadly (bittersweet more or less I guess). BUT that doesn’t mean the blog about Belgium or Netherlands gets left behind! That’s right; I’m still behind on these blogs, but that’ll change by today or tomorrow. Getting back to reality has been hard, especially with this jet lag (it’s been hitting H-A-R-D) so leaving these two countries to write about now when home will help me escape the fact that I have to go back to work soon.


We arrived in Brussels, Belgium by bus; a new transportation that we hadn’t taken yet on the trip (I vote train over bus; but cost wise the bus was better). Belgium was a great stay; not because of the gorgeous architecture or the history built within each city but because we stayed with family! (Thank you Ruth and Tom for hosting us for the weekend and showing us around parts of Belgium… Antwerp was our favourite of course.)

Tom told us there’s a saying in Belgium; “if the food wasn’t good, the whole trip wasn’t good” … in other words Belgium people love their food to another level (I think I must be slightly Belgium because I am definitely at that level). The food was amazing; the home cooked and the restaurant cuisine. The first night we were there we went to Brussels to eat at ‘Taverne Du Passage’ and had ate enough to keep us filled for the rest of our trip; entrées… main… dessert… wine… then after dinner, a beer; we full until the next morning (which is new feeling for me, since I’m always hungry… even after I eat).

Belgium was a gorgeous country, never have I seen buildings with as much detail as I did in Leuven or Bruges. If you ask me – it is a country to defiantly check out and explore to learn about the history, or even just to drool over the architecture (and gain a few pounds from the delicious food). I would go back, not just to see my family but to explore the half we didn’t get to see, since I’m sure those parts are just as stunning as the rest.

Caitlyn + James (Yup, we didn’t get sick of each other and are still hanging out after our trip).

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